PEG Kit with Loop Fixture Ⅱ(Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy with Introducer Method)

Features and advantages

1. The bevel at the tip of the PS Needle is an easily
  insertional triangular blade.
2. The Sheath is tearable in a straight line and
  removable easily.
3. Simple and sure fixation of the catheter is
  possible with the balloon made of silicone which is
  resistant to gastric juice. The lumen is not easily
  stainable with nutrients, so that the maintainance
  of the catheter easily.
4. The stabilizer securely fixes the catheter. The
  vent holes let moisture go out.
5. Gastropexy with Loop FixtureⅡ gives easy puncture
  and preventation of erroneous puncture to the
  posterior gastric wall in the operation of
  Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy. It prevents
  separation of the gastric and abdominal walls
  during a period of fistula formation and erroneous
  insertion of the catheter to abdominal cavity.

Enlarge product image

  • Silicone Balloon Catheter
  • PS Needle
  • TPA Sheath


PEG Kit with Loop Fixture Ⅱ
Product No. Size Balloon Catheter PS Needle
with TPA Sheath
Stabilizer Loop Fixture
800 001 1567 PEG11 11Fr 3mL x 1pc 12Fr L:150mm
x 1pc
No.3 x 1pc
with 2 Ties
(Prod.No.800 000 9923)
800 001 1568 PEG13 13Fr 4mL x 1pc 14Fr L:157mm
x 1pc
No.3 x 1pc
with 2 Ties
(Prod.No.800 000 9923)
800 001 1569 PEG15 15Fr 3mL x 1pc 16Fr L:150mm
x 1pc
One unit
with catheter
(Prod.No.800 000 9923)

1 Kit per box, Sterilized with EtO gas. Suture is not attached to the product.

Operation procedure of "Introducer" method